ENIP-2 PMU performs phasor measurements in accordance with IEEE C37.118.1 classes P (Protection) and M (Measurement).

Built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver or an external ENCS-2 time sync module can be used for time synchronization. ENIP-2 PMU supports IEEE 1588v2 PTP and IRIG-A/-B.

ENIP-2 PMU is equipped with a color touch-screen display for visualization of measurement data.

A modification of ENIP-2 PMU with IEC 61850-9-2 digital inputs is aimed for use at digital substations.

Please visit PMU Live! web page to see real-time data coming from geographically distributed ENIP-2 PMUs.


  • voltages RMS (phase, phase-to-phase and average);
  • currents RMS (phase  and average);
  • power (active, reactive and apparent: per phase and total);
  • frequency;
  • power factor (per phase and apparent);
  • active and reactive energy in direct and reverse directions.

ENIP-2 uses 50 ms sliding window measurement calculation method. The values are updated every 20 ms.

Phasor measurement 

Archives and emergency events recording