Serving as a screen for ENIP-2, ENMI module displays measured and calculated values. It ensures the identity of data transmitted to SCADA and observed by the personnel at the facilities. Paired with ENMI, ENIP-2 can be used as a switchboard. 

Long service life LED indicators of ENMI-3 and OLED of ENMI-7 operate in extended temperature range, fit for harsh climate. Large and bright displays, configurable set-points and over-ranging alarm enable operating staff to detect emergency situations quickly. 

More sophisticated ENMI-4 and ENMI-5 modules come with LCD screens where data is presented as tables, vector diagrams and graphs. Pointer indicator imitation mode is also available. ENMI-4 mimic diagram mode is used to monitor the current state of switchgear. 

ENMI to ENIP-2 connection can be organized in a oneto-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one fashion. 

ENMI module can be easily attached to the back of ENIP-2 and ESM. A single patch cord is used for both data connection and power supply. ENMI can be mounted in switchgear cells, relay cabinet boards, relay compartment or substation control panel. 

ENMI-6 is an independent device that displays diagnostic information for digital substation equipment.

LED display modules for ENIP-2 in two housing versions: overall dimensions 120 × 120 × 49 mm and overall dimensions 96 × 96 × 67,6 mm.

Data display

  • connects to ENIP-2 and displays values of measured and calculated parameters, digital inputs status;
  • equipment status, supervision of software and hardware units.

Generation of alarms

ENMI is capable of supervising the limits. When one of the parameters violates the preset limits, there is a specific indication and display visualizes this parameter on the screen. 


ENMI-5 provides sending control command to ENIP-2.