ENMI display modules serve for visualization of data provided by ENIP-2, ESM, ENMU, and ENMV-1 devices.

A single RJ-45 patch cord is used for serial connection to the master device, and in case of ENIP-2 or ESM, additional power supply is not needed for operation. 

120 mm-sized modules can latch to the back of ENIP-2 or ESM.

Different modifications of ENMI are aimed at various areas of application.

Seven-segment LED indicators, push-button controls, two sizes, RS-485 interface.

Data display

  • connects to ENIP-2 and displays values of measured and calculated parameters, digital inputs status;
  • equipment status, supervision of software and hardware units.

Generation of alarms

ENMI is capable of supervising the limits. When one of the parameters violates the preset limits, there is a specific indication and display visualizes this parameter on the screen. 


ENMI-5 provides sending control command to ENIP-2.