Remote terminal units

Устройства сбора данных ЭНКМ-3 и ЭНКС-3м

ENCS-3m and ENCM-3 remote terminal units (RTUs) provide a data communication channel between industrial power facilities and control centers.

ENCS-3m are equipped with multiple interfaces, and are used in automation systems of power plants and substations.

ENCM-3 is equipped with four interfaces, digital and analog inputs and outputs, and is used for automation of 6-20 kV substations and switchgear in distribution networks.

The RTUs function in real time, polling devices via RS-485, RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces. Collected data is aggregated and transmitted to automation systems with minimal delays.

Modifications with a built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver and a 3G/2G module are available.

ES-PDC phasor data concentrators are installed at power plants to collect data from phasor measurement units, and stream it to data processing centers. Synchrophasor data allows power system operator to identify power system conditions and to monitor its dynamics.