ENIP-2 Standard

ENIP-2 implements original signal processing algorithms that provide fast (50 ms) and averaged (200 ms or more) measurements. With high precision, ENIP-2 measures voltage up to 150% and current up to 200% of rated values. If needed, a special mode can be activated to extend the current measurement range to 800% (40 A). 

All four modifications of Standard ENIP-2 provide the same set of measurements, including RMS and the first harmonic values. 

The simplest Minimal modification comes with a single RS-485 interface and will suit any low-cost solution. Connected to current and voltage measuring circuits, it transmits measurement data over single serial RS-485 interface. It also has a USB port used for configuration, diagnostics and firmware update. 

Basic modification boasts an additional RS-485, as well as 8 digital inputs, or a set of 4 digital inputs and 3 outputs. The additional communication interface may serve for pairing with external display or digital input-output modules. 

Extended and Maximum modifications of ENIP-2, having one and two Ethernet ports respectively, support a much wider set of communication protocols that makes integration with different automation systems more easier. For these modifications, IEC 61850 is available as an add-on option. 

ENMI displays the measured parameter values, and the status of digital inputs and outputs.

Minimal modification, equipped with one or two RS-485, supports IEC 60870-5-101 and Modbus RTU communication protocols.


  • voltages RMS (phase, phase-to-phase and average);
  • currents RMS (phase  and average);
  • power (active, reactive and apparent: per phase and total);
  • frequency;
  • power factor (per phase and apparent);
  • active and reactive energy in direct and reverse directions.

ENIP-2 uses 50 ms sliding window measurement calculation method. The values are updated every 20 ms.

Power quality

  • voltage sequences;
  • voltage unbalance and distortion;
  • curent sequences;
  • current unbalance and distortion;
  • THD;

For monitoring purposes ENIP-2 has a set of confiurable thresholds.


Switchgear equipment control using integrated binary outputs or using external ENMV-1 telecontrol modules, which are connected to ENIP-2.

Data display

Using external ENMI display modules it is possible to visualize values of main measured and calculated parameters. It is possible to display data from single ENIP-2 on several ENMI modules or visualize data from several ENIP-2 on single ENMI module. Display modules may be structurally combined with ENIP-2.