ENIP-2 is a series of three-phase multifunctional measuring devices suited for substations, power plants, industrial facilities and distribution grids.

ENMV-1 external modules connect to ENIP-2 to increase the number of digital signals. ENMI display modules are used for data visualization.

Продукция Инженерного центра «Энергосервис»

ENIP-2 is available in four implementations:

Standard is for telemechanics and substation automation systems;
Compact is for 6-20 kV switchgear cells;
PMU is for wide-area measurement systems (WAMS), or on-site precise frequency measurement;
Panel is for telemechanics and substation automation systems.

The implementations differ in design, sets of interfaces, input and output combinations, and communication protocols.

ESM smart meter operates as a revenue meter (IEC 62052-11), power quality analyzer (IEC 61000-4-30), and a multifunctional measuring device.

Многофункциональный счетчик электроэнергии ESM

ENMU is a multifunctional merging unit with digital inputs and outputs, that can serve as a digital fault recorder and a phasor measurement unit.

ENMU complies with IEC 61869-13 stand-alone merging unit standard.

ENMI display modules serve for visualization of data provided by ENIP-2, ESM, ENMU, and ENMV-1 devices.