ENIP-2 is a series of multifunctional measuring transducers for three-phase electric grids. 

Original signal processing algorithms provide highquality synchronous measurements of electric grid parameters. Data is transmitted over several interfaces via any of the following standard communication protocols: Modbus RTU and TCP, IEC 60870-5-101 and -104. 

IEC 61850 is optional and is sold separately as an addon. ENIP-2 was tested for IEC 61850 compliance by DNV GL (KEMA Laboratories) and received Level A Certificate in 2015. 

ENIP-2 can also play a major role in automation systems due to digital input-output and programmable logic functionality. 

ENIP-2 is a large family of devices that can be divided into three branches:  

— a series of multifunctional measuring transducers in plastic enclosure for DIN-Rail mounting (Standard);  
— a series of multifunctional measuring transducers in compact metal body (Compact);  
— a series of phasor measurement units with a built-in color LCD display in plastic enclosure for panelmounting (PMU).  

ENIP-2 can be mounted in protection compartments of metal-enclosed switchgear, or in cabinets. Paired with ENMI display module, ENIP-2 can be panel-mounted as well. ENIP-2 operates in a wide temperature range and so can be installed at unattended and non-heated facilities.