Intelligent Electronic Devices

ENIP-2 is a series of intelligent electronic devices for automated systems of electric power substations. ENIP-2 is designed for three-phase electrical measurements, discrete inputs and telecontrol. ENIP-2 with additional modules ENMV-1 and ENMI also can serve as a bay control unit.


The success of ENIP-2 is the result of the following three factors: rich functionality, high quality, and reasonable price.These three factors combined together with supply terms provide great opportunities for electric power system engineers, designers and maintenance personnel.

Outlined features increase observability of electric power systems, providing Smart Grids with state of the art automated process control systems.

High quality of measurements is provided by the application of specific processing algorithms. Reliable and fast data transmission from remote facilities is implemented using redundant interfaces and contemporary communication protocols.

ENIP-2 is connected to three- or four-wire network directly or through current and voltage transformers. ENIP-2 may be installed in protection compartments of enclosed switchgear, in panels and cabinets. Due to wide operating temperature range, ENIP-2 can be applied in unattended and non-heated facilities.

ENMI display panels are designed to be a human interface of ENIP-2. ENMI is easily connected to ENIP-2 with RJ45 patch cord.

ENIP-2 supports a range of communication protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870- 5-104 and IEC 61850.

Equipped with four to eight digital inputs (depending on the chosen model) ENIP-2 is capable of processing the state of several switchgears and protection relays.

To control switchgears any model of ENIP-2 can be paired with an external ENMV module, or a model with three built-in digital outputs can be used.

ENIP-2 provides ease of both protocol confiuration and fimware upgrade via USB-port, which can be used for measurement data transfer as well. No driver installation is needed.

Connected to USB, ENIP-2 operates without auxiliary power supply. ENIP-2 can be confiured from a PC with included software or built-in web-console.

ENIP-2 is a large family of devices that can be divided into three branches:

∙ a series of power meters in plastic housing for DIN-Rail mounting;

∙ a series of power meters in compact metal body;

∙ a series of phasor measurement units in plastic housing combined with a color LCD display for mounting on panels or cabinets.

ENIP-2 can be mounted in protection compartments of metal-enclosed switchgear, or in cabinets. Paired with an ENMI display module, ENIP-2 can be panel-mounted as well. ENIP-2 operates in a wide temperature range and so can be installed at unattended and non-heated facilities.