ENCM-3 is equipped with four interfaces, digital and analog inputs and outputs, and is used for automation of 6-20 kV substations and switchgear in distribution networks.

ENCM-3 is equipped with three serial ports and one Ethernet port. ENCM-3 supports data transmission in sellular networks  and receives GPS/GLONASS signals.

ENCM-3 provides data acquisition (digital signals and measurements) from various IEDs (e.g. multifunctional measuring transducers, relay protection and automation devices, power meters, I/O units) and transmits data further to SCADA system. ENCM-3 can serve as an Ethernet-to-serial converter providing remote access to the field-level devices, e.g. for configuration.

It is the basic modification has no additional inputs and outputs.

  • Provide transparent channels via GSM (CSD, GPRS)
  • Synchronize devices clock
  • Creating remote control system with data transfer according IEC 60870-5-104 via GPRS
  • Supporting remote configuring