ENCM-3 is a smallsize and powerful RTU for remote monitoring and automation of distribution network substation. 

ENCM-3 has many possible applications in transport and industry where 2G/3G wireless data is required. The full-featured version of RTU supports wireless data transmission in 3G/2G networks and has built-in GPS receiver, 2×RS-485, 1×RS-232, 1×Ethernet and number of I/O (analog and digital inputs, relay outputs). 

ENCM-3 provides data acquisition (digital signals and measurements) from various IEDs (e.g. multifunctional measuring transducers, relay protection and automation devices, power meters, I/O units) and transmits data further to SCADA system. ENCM-3 can serve as an Ethernet-to-serial converter providing remote access to the field-level devices, e.g. for configuration.

The simplest RTU ENCM-3 has basic interfaces set: 2×485, 1×RS-232, 1×Ethernet 100Base-TX. This is the most affordable solution for data acquisition at small site, where ied's number is less than 64. These versions of ENCM-3 device are equipped with a 2G/3G module for m2m solutions. To accurately synchronize the time, use ENKM-3 with built-in GPS-receiver.
  • Provide transparent channels via GSM (CSD, GPRS)
  • Synchronize devices clock
  • Creating remote control system with data transfer according IEC 60870-5-104 via GPRS
  • Supporting remote configuring