In the early 2000s, Engineering Center Energoservice was engaged in creation of the first automated systems for electric power industry in Russia. For the fulfilment of the projects, the company started the development of its own software and RTU of ENCS series. On the basis of ENCS, the first telemechanics systems with IEC 60870-5-101/104 support and with application of multifunctional digital transducers were designed in Russia.

The series production for Energoservice started in 2008, when multifunctional transducer ENIP-2 appeared.

Every year, the company produces more than 30 thousand different devices for operation at power plants, substations and industrial enterprises.

Production is optimized and distributed among several production sites: circuit boards are manufactured in St. Petersburg, and output installation, testing of circuit boards, final assembly of devices, calibration and verification are carried out in Arkhangelsk. All components are supplied from official distributors and undergo close incoming control by specialists of the company.

Engineering center Energoservice has implemented and successfully operates quality management based on ISO 9001-2015. The company has a special focus on the quality of the devices: up-to-date measuring equipment allows to carry out various types of tests and to avoid improper quality.

In order to confirm the high characteristics of products, the company pays much attention to product certification in international testing laboratories. Besides, since 2013, Energoservice has got a functioning accredited laboratory for checking measurement instrument.

Engineering Center Energoservice: factory

Engineering Center Energoservice: factory

Engineering Center Energoservice: factory