ENIP-2 Compact

ENIP-2 Compact is designed for medium voltage switchgear cells, for which compact size and rich I/O functionality are the key requirements.

ENIP-2 Compact has digital inputs and relay outputs, two redundant 24 VDC power inputs, and three analog inputs for monitoring voltage presence.


  • voltages RMS (phase, phase-to-phase and average);
  • currents RMS (phase  and average);
  • power (active, reactive and apparent: per phase and total);
  • frequency;
  • power factor (per phase and apparent);
  • active and reactive energy in direct and reverse directions.

Power quality

  • voltage sequences;
  • voltage unbalance and distortion;
  • curent sequences;
  • current unbalance and distortion;
  • THD;


  •  Switchgear equipment control using integrated electromagnetic relay outputs and/or using external ENMV-1 telecontrol modules, which are connected to ENIP-2.
  • 12 binary inputs, which allow to monitor switchgear equipment and protection elements status signals;
  • 3 additional voltage inputs for the detection of the presence of voltage on voltage divider insulators in 6–20 kV networks/

Data display

Using external ENMI display modules it is possible to visualize values of main measured and calculated parameters.