ES Graph

ES Graph analyzes zero-sequence current and voltage synchrophasors and discrete values ​​of the state of the fault, detects and localizes faults and faults.

When a short circuit occurs in one of the monitored bays, ENLZ devices receive and time-record signals from short-circuit current indicators (SCCIs). Recorded events are sent to the SCADA data collection server via the data collection device as telemetering. The developed ES Graph software analyzes the state of all SCCIs at the time of damage in the monitored network. By comparing the signals from pairs of SCCI sensors at the beginning and end of the cable line, the damaged network section is determined.

ENLZ analysis results are recorded in event log and displayed in the web interface, and can also be transmitted via standard protocols. ES Graph can de used both as a standalone application and as a software module for SCADA systems.

ES Graph has no data limits to received and transmitted information: restrictions are related to the platform hardware capabilities.

ES Graph has good scalability and is designed for efficient use of multi-core systems.