An important part of any automated control system is a time sync system. Time synchronisation is needed for any devices, servers and user workstations. 


The most significant is the exact timing in remote control systems: any event or value must have a time stamp. Precision time synchronizing is main factor in WAMS aplications. To get better accuracy of time sync may use global navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS). 

We produce ENCS-2 — device for time sync special for using in remote control systems. In 2014 we have released upgraded hardware platform to improve usability and of ENCS-2. ENCS-2 receives GPS signals to synchronize remote terminal units, transducers, servers using standard protocols (NMEA 0183, SNTP). ENCS-2 may be set up to send commands protocol IEC 60870-5-101 C_CS_NA_1 (103) to synchronize several RTU or transducers. ENCS-2 has a bright OLED display, control buttons on the front panel and interfaces that provide a variety of options for sending time sync signals. To use ENCS-2 is needed install it on DIN-rail, connect GPS antenna, switch on power and configure settings of module. To get best receiving of satellite signals, recommend to install GPS antenna outside on the south side of the building.