ENCS-2 time sync module uses GPS and GLONASS to maintain its clock. An external antenna, usually mounted time sync modules ENCS-2 outdoors on a special bracket, is needed.

ENCS-2 has serial RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, an Ethernet port, and 1 PPS output. ENCS-2 supports NMEA 0183, IRIG-A, IRIG-B, PTPv2, and SNTP protocols, the latter being used to synchronize servers and workstations. ENCS-2 can also transmit an IEC 60870- 5-101 synchronization command. A bright OLED screen helps to simplify device configuration.

  • receiving of the signals of the navigation satellite systems, the sync time of the internal clock;
  • time synchronization in remote control units according to IEC 60870-5-101;
  • time synchronization on servers, workstations, automated systems by using protocols NMEA 0183, SNTP;
  • time synchronization of the internal clock of ENIP-2;
  • generate a PPS signal for time correction.