The WAMS equipment is located usually in one or more rack cabinet. We also produce special versions cabinets  on request, which  are made according to customer requirements. 

WAMS lets solved a number of problems:

— providing measurement synchrophasors in real time;
— global monitoring of transmission system conditions over large areas;
— detecting and preventing further grid instabilities. 
— verifying model of power grid;
— emergency  record archives and emergency events, visualization of dynamic characteristics of the system, analysis of power grid failures.

WAMS based on equipment produced Engineering centre "Energoservice" include:

— ENIP-2 (PMU);
— ES-PDC — phasor data concentrator;
— ENCS-2 — time sync module (IRIG-A time code sequence);
— ENMV-3 — analog input modules for controlling the parameters of generator excitation (for power plants);
— ENMI-6 — diagnostic subsystem;
— UPS — uninterruptible power supply subsystem;
— communications equipment (switches, routers). 

The algorithms for signal processing are designed in accordance with the C37.118.1 standard: interference is tuned-out in the form of the electromagnetic transient processes and the higher harmonics free components. The algorithms provide the required measurement accuracy at the power system frequency change, in conditions of electromechanical transient processes, in case of load changes, due to AEC and other power system automation units operation. Units can be configured for phasor measurements of P or M classes in accordance with IEEE C37.118.1.

Engineering Centre “Energoservis” provides all the necessary equipment for the establishment of WAMS substations and power plants. The WAMS equipment is mounted in one or several special-purpose cabinets.