High voltage substation control system (polling over RS-485)

ENCS-3 can be used for creating control systems of unattended high voltage substations. ENCS-3 is capable of collecting data from a large number of devices and instantly retransmitting them using several network connections at once.  

To increase reliability of the system, a pair of redundant ENCS-3s can be used. Furthermore, ENCS-3 allows to poll each device over several interfaces. In addition to Ethernet and serial interfaces, ENCS-3 supports data transmission over wireless network (3G/2G, private APN). 

ENIP-2 is used for every feeder to be controlled. To provide operating personnel with on-site measurement data, ENIP-2 is accompanied by ENMI display module. For switchgear control, ENIP-2 pairs with one or more ENMV-1 units.  

ENIP-2 and ENMV-1 transmit measurement and switchgear state data to ENCS-3 RTU that communicates with SCADA. ENCS-3 maintains accurate time, using built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver, and synchronizes the time on the polled devices.  

ENCS-3 can act as an Ethernet-to-serial converter providing remote access to its serial interfaces for communicating with other devices. Warm standby redundancy is provided by using two ENCS-3 units connected with a CAN link.