Medium voltage substation control system

Medium voltage power distribution grids, being the most common, are the least automated. ENIP-2, ENMV-1 and ENCS-3 provide a cost-effective solution for creation of substation control systems in cities and suburban areas.

ENIP-2 is used for every feeder to be controlled. To provide operating personnel with on-site measurement data, ENIP-2 is accompanied by ENMI display module. For switchgear control, ENIP-2 pairs with ENMV-1. 

ENIP-2 transmits measurement data to ENCM-3 RTU that communicates with SCADA over 3G/2G network. ENCM-3 maintains accurate time, using built-in GPS/ GLONASS receiver, and synchronizes the time on the slave devices. ENCM-3 can act as an Ethernet-to-serial converter providing remote access to its serial interfaces for communicating with slave devices.