Digital substation

An increasing number of modern electrical substations is being built according to the concept of "Digital Substation," which is based on the information exchange at all levels (primary equipment, protection and automation systems, accounting and monitoring, diagnostics and information security) in accordance with the IEC 61850 standard.

When creating digital substations, the following principles are implemented:

– intensive information exchange between devices via local area grids: vertical (client – server), horizontal (publication – subscription);
– transition from transmission of analogue values of controlled parameters (current, voltage, etc.) to digital exchange, digital processing of primary equipment states (position of switching equipment, state of protection signals, etc.) and other signals processed in secondary systems (measurement, protection, control);
– elimination of multiple duplication of analog and discrete signal circuits, reduction of direct copper connections between devices;
– application of new approaches and principles of protection implementation, expansion of equipment diagnostics, transition from maintenance by regulations to maintenance by condition.

The expansion of information exchange leads to the redistribution of functions performed by intelligent devices and systems. For example, the digital-to-analog conversion, which was previously carried out in each device connected to current and voltage transformers (smart meter, transducer, relay protection and automation device), now occurs once in the source – digital TT/TN or combining device (SAMU, PAS...). The source publishes the digitized data, i.e. broadcasts via the local network to the devices that will further process the data. The processing power of the publishing devices allows them not only to digitize analog signals, but also to measure and recalculate additional grid parameters, to implement protection algorithms and to perform other functions.

Engineering center "Energoservice" specializes in the development and production of devices for digital substations:

ENMU series Merging Unit (analog/discrete signal transducer);
– Smart meters ESM-SV (IED) with power quality metering and control functions;
– time sync module ENCS-2 (Grandmaster Clock);
– PMU devices such as ENIP-2 PMU.

What's more, thanks to IEC 61850-8-1 support, the company's traditional products can be used at the digital substation, for example, multifunctional transducers ENIP-2, input/output modules ENMV, ENCS-3 and ENCM-3 RTU.