ENKS-2 provides possibility to synchronize systems and devices using precise time signals; for data exchange with servers, workstations and other devices ENKS-2 may use standard communication protocols (TSIP, NMEA 0183).

This devices acquires time signals from satellite navigation system using antenna, which must be located on the southern hemisphere building side, preferably in the highest point of the building. Antenna is mounted using special bracket which is supplied on order.

ENKS is included in state register of measurement devices.

Production of new version of ENKS-2 module (supporting both ГЛОНАСС and GPS) started in 2014. This module combines features of previous modifications and there is also a possibility to synchronize devices and PCs of the same Ethernet network.

ENKS-2 is equipped with bright OLED display, front panel control buttons and has 5 interfaces, what provides different options for its application.

  • receiving of the signals of the navigation satellite systems, the sync time of the internal clock;
  • time synchronization in remote control units according to IEC 60870-5-101;
  • time synchronization on servers, workstations, automated systems by using protocols NMEA 0183, SNTP;
  • time synchronization of the internal clock of ENIP-2;
  • generate a PPS signal for time correction.