Communication and control for smart grids

ENTM control cabinets can be used for remote control and access control at unattended substations in urban and suburban areas. ENCM-3 remote terminal unit is equipped with digital and analog inputs which can be connected to security and fire alarms, temperature sensors etc. Heating, lighting, or other load can be controlled through digital outputs. ENCM-3 can interface with measuring devices, I/O modules and CCTV.

A minimum amount of digital and analog signals, as well as control circuits can be connected directly to ENCM-3. If there's a need to process a larger number of signals, ENIP-2 and ENMV-1 can be used, connected over Ethernet or RS-485. ENCM-3 acquires data from sensors, ENIP-2, ENMV-1, and transmits it to a higher level of control system. ENCM-3 can serve as an Ethernet-to-serial converter to provide access to power meters and other third-party devices connected to any of its RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces. Ethernet port can be used for CCTV data transmission.