Engineering Center "Energoservice" presents the solution for finding sources of low-frequency oscillations in the power system at the meeting of NAPSI work group

Engineering Center "Energoservice" took part in NASPI Work Group Virtual Meeting, April 13–15, 2021.

NASPI is an international organization which aims to improve power system reliability and visibility through wide area measurement and control, by fostering the use and capabilities of synchrophasor technology. NASPI is a voluntary group of representatives from the utility industry, manufacturers and vendors, academia, national laboratories, government experts and standards-making bodies.

Special section on the problem of fluctuations in power systems started with the report “Framework for synchrophasor measurements data processing and the case studies of the low-frequency oscillations”, presented by Engineering Center "Energoservice”.

It touches upon the problem of ambiguity in solving multi-stage data analysis problems due to the the emergence of new methods of data processing at different stages of the general calculation scheme. Among the tasks of this kind is the search for a source of low-frequency oscillations in the power system. Engineering Center “Energoservice” proposes a software platform that allows to describe general calculation plan in formal language and to use specific implementations of methods as varying parameters of work. 

An important consequence of this approach is the almost automatic parallelization of calculations, which is important for the ability to carry out online monitoring. Several real cases of fluctuations in the power system of Russia were successfully processed by the described method. This fact was mentioned in the report.

A keen interest in the company's presentation was proved by a large number of questions regarding the features of the proposed software and the used signal processing methods. Engineering Center "Energoservice" noted the high level of organization of the event and will continue further participation in NASPI.

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