Engineering Center Energoservice took part in The 48th CIGRE session 2020

The 48th CIGRE session was held from 24 August to 3 September in the format of electronic session. As part of distant work of 16 research committees, the participants presented their reports. Training seminars and discussions were held to share the experiences.

The session included the reports (after several stages of selection) that reflected the achievements of CIGRE activities on the strategic development of power systems, including scientific and technical direction.

Within D2 committee, the specialists of Engineering Center "Energoservice" presented the report "Application of modern information and communication technologies to improve the efficiency of the power systems." The research rises the issues of improving the volume and data quality in the aspect of the use of modern information and communication technologies. Thus, in combination with the use of digital substation technologies and synchrophasor measurements, new approaches to the implementation of control, protection, monitoring and diagnostics of electrical equipment, including the implementation of WAMPAC systems, were considered. In addition, specialists offered solutions, research and experience in implementing synchrophasor measurements for big data processing using the cloud platform and parallel computing.

The proposed approaches, as well as the examples of the solved practical problems, aroused vivid interest of the participants. In the Q & A section, the authors of the report and other participants exchanged views on topical issues of improving energy efficiency through the use of modern information and communication technologies.

Engineering Center "Energoservice" has been taking part in Russian and international events under the auspices of CIGRE for several years. The company is its permanent corporate member.

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