Specialists of Engineering Center Energoservice took part in Cigre Study Committee B5 Annual Meeting and Colloquium, Tromsø, Norway

Annual international meeting of B5 (Protection and Automation) Cigre Study Committee was held in Tromsø, Norway, from 24-28, June. It brought delegations of more than 20 countries together. As part of this event, meetings of working groups, tutorials and keynote speeches were held.

Engineering Center Energoservice presented its report on three preferential subjects:
— Leveraging PMU data for better Protection, Automation and Control systems;
— Time in Protection Applications – Time sources and distribution Methods;
— Future technologies for inter-substation communication, Migrating Digital Teleprotection Channels to Packet-Based Networks.

In the report, Engineering Center Energoservice identified the problems of digital filters’ design for synchrophasor measurements’ technology and WAMPAC systems. It described the original method of filters’ synthesis with the use of extended spectral submission to the requirements’ formalization for their accuracy and speed. It also showed the application of this method both for the PMU development and for the problems’ solution of measuring data analysis.

Besides, our delegation took part in the group discussion of the problems of implementing large-scale WAMPAC systems and organization of testing systems on the base of PMU technologies at different stages of the life cycle.

Improvement of DSP filters, applied in the syncrophasors measurement technology, presents an important aspect of WAMPAC systems development and data analysis applications, that was noted by the special reporter and by the vivid interest to the subject among the specialists.



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