Actual Trends in Development of Power System Relay Protection and Automation

5th International scientific and technical conference ‘Actual trends in development of Power System Relay Protection and Automation’ took place on 1–5 June 2015, in Sochi (Russia). 
The conference was supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and CIGRE Study Committee B5 ‘Relay Protection and Automation’. More than 200 delegates from 50 industry vanguard organizations, including Energoservice, participated in the conference. 
Delegates of the company presented three scientific reports on phasor measuring units and intellectual electronic devices for digital substations. The presentations of the delegates were dedicated to analysis of PMU functioning during transient processes of electromagnetic and electromechanical nature, as well as to enhancing PMU functionality in general. 
The posters depicted the latest IEDs supporting IEC 61850 developed for digital substations in 110(35)-6 grids. The conference blossomed into discussion forum for the leading experts in industry. 
The main topics for discussion were field experience in introduction of IEC 61850 digital substation standards and WAMPAC development.

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