Technical solutions for automation of distribution networks based on SPM technology

The paper considers the automation of 6-20 kV distribution networks based on synchronized phasor measurement (SPM) technology. The first part of the paper is devoted to the technical system providing localization of faults in the network with isolated and compensated neutral. The paper describes the system, its main functions, architecture, advantages. The second part of the paper relates to the automation of power supply centers of the distribution network - step-down substations (SS) and distribution points (DP). The authors propose using SPM to implement new protection principles of busbars and power transformers. In addition, multifunctional systems are considered that ensure the execution of several network automation tasks at once: monitoring the state of a power transformer, energy monitoring, energy metering, telemechanics, relay protection, and automation (RPA). The paper presents and describes technical devices based on which the operation of the considered systems is carried out. Presented solutions provide integration with digital substation technology, WAMPAC systems... Presentation

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