Wide area measurement system (WAMS) allows synchrophasor data to be used for monitoring dynamic properties of the power system.
WAMS provides transmission system operator with data for:

— real-time monitoring of power system;

— detecting and preventing further grid instabilities;

— verifying power grid model;

— analyzing system failures. 

ENIP-2 PMUs are installed at generation plants and high voltage electrical power lines. ENIP-2 PMUs can be mounted on control panels or in electrical cabinets. To measure generator excitation parameters, ENMV-3 device is connected to the excitation voltage and current circuits of every generator at a power plant. ENIP-2 PMU and ENMV-3 transmit phasor data to ES-PDC phasor data concentrator. ES-PDC uses timestamps to aggregate incoming data streams from different stations into one or more aggregated streams that it transmits to control center of transmission system operator. ENCS-2 synchronizes time on the devices via SNTP or IRIG-A. ENMI-6 display panel is used for diagnostics. 

Using SNMP, it polls and monitors all the components of WAMS and warns of any errors found. Control system overview:

— up to 40 PMUs 

— IEEE C37.118.2-2011 over TCP or UDP, datarate from 1 to 100 

— data is delayed for maximum of 15 ms 

— up to 180 days of linear archive, 50 events in fault recorder archive, access via FTP 

— from 1TB to 4TB SSD storage.

ENIP-2 PMU, ENMV-3, ENCS-2, ES-PDC, and ENMI-6 make up a complete solution for creating a WAMS node at a power plant or a substation. The devices are mounted on a rack. ENIP-2 PMUs are mounted in the upper part for ease of maintenance. Test terminal blocks are used for connection to instrument transformers. ES-PDC or a redundant pair of ES-PDCs are placed at the bottom. ENCS-2, ENMI-6 display panel, KVM console, UPS and Ethernet switch are also installed in the rack.