Automatized systems of intellectual reserves

“Energoservis” has worked at the market of engineering services of FEC companies for more than 20 years.
Among the main trends of the company activity there are: developing, producing and introducing components for automatized management systems by technological processes in power supply systems and energy systems, the design and turnkey operation of energy centers at oil and gas reserves, distributive units, substations and networks 0,4–220kV; engineering works and turnkey operations of gas-compressor plants; designing and implementing APCS for the enterprises of oil and gas sector.
The creation of intellectual reserves is based on the wide automatization of technological processes and the implementation of oil and gas extraction innovational technologies due to which the more efficient usage of reserves and the reduction of maintenance expenses are provided.
One of the most important conditions of the continuity of oil and gas extraction technological processes is providing the reliable energy supply of reserves. Another important demand to energy supply systems of intellectual reserves is related to the implementation of energy efficient technologies.
Taking into account the general trends of developing the oil and gas extraction and energy production technologies it is possible to say that intellectual reserves must use energy supply intellectual systems including intellectual generation and electric power supply intellectual systems.
For the automatized systems of managing and accounting energy resources of intellectual reserves (ACS of power utilities, the automated directory and documentation system of energy resources, the automated system of energy resources technical record-keeping), the specialists of “Energoservis” developed the whole range of intellectual electronic devices: 
telecontrol systems including intellectual electronic devices ENIP-2 and ESM, data collection devices ENKS-3m and ENKM-3, time synchronization devices ENKS-2; the automated system of energy resources accounting “ES-Energiya” gives the opportunity to control electric energy consumption and distribution and other energy resources at all stages of the technological cycle of oil and gas extraction; the system of monitoring transient modes including the devices of synchronized vector changes ENIP-2 (PMU), the data concentrator ES-PDC, applied software; intellectual electronic devices for digital substations.