Application of ESM

ESM solves several problems: 

— metering of electric energy; 

— power quality analysis; 

— data acquisition and transmission.

 An example of a data acquisition system in which ESM serves as an energy meter, power quality analyzer and bay controller equipped with panel-mount display is shown in the figure below. ESM, ENMI and ENMV-1 are installed at controlled feeders. ESMs with enabled power quality analysis option are installed at busbar section inputs or PT cabinets. ESM is connected through LAN to ENCS-3 or ENCM-3 RTU which provides telemetry data to SCADA. The data is not limited to analog measurements, meter readings and power quality parameters, and includes digital input states of ENMV-1 connected to ESM. Remote control is possible through digital outputs of ENMV-1 as well. ENMI is mounted on the panel and serves as a display for measurement, meter and power quality data.